Sudoku extended competition

Sudoku extended competition

Competition mode is the hardest test in Sudoku+

It is monitored by the Sudoku server. Nearly all facilitating tools are deactivated, and the competition mode is always at the highest level of difficulty. Before the game the player chooses for which Sudoku type he wants to participate in the competition (9x9 to 25x25 with or without X-Sudoku). Each game is dynamically recalculated - so there are no double games. At the start, the server is notified, remembers the start time and saves the game start status as 'in competition'. This game start is then blocked for manual input.

The time count does not pause like in normal Game Mode, if the game is interrupted or not visible in the background, but only the real time from start to solution counts for the server. After 48 hours at the latest, a started game is considered aborted for the server if no solution is given (but the player can continue playing the started game locally until the end). As soon as the game is solved, a corresponding message is sent to the server, and the game is added to the high scores if it is solved fast enough.

For each field size from 9x9 to 25x25 the server keeps two separate high scores, one for normal Sudoku and one for X-Sudoku.

Whoever wants to participate in the competition will be asked for a freely selectable 'competition name' the first time, which can be arbitrary (not necessarily a real name), but must be unique in the whole Sudoku+ environment. The uniqueness is guaranteed by the server.

Each player can show up in each highscore list a maximum of 1 times with his own best performance, so a list cannot be 'flooded' by a single superplayer.

Whoever is detected cheating (every game is monitored by the server) will be blocked.